7 Ways for student wellness During Quarantine

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Whether you're working from home, taking a virtual class, or practicing physical distance to protect yourself and your loved ones, we're all experiencing a new normal together. This transition may be easy for some people, but working and studying from home is unusual for many. As the days and weeks progress, you may find yourself wanting to feel balanced and normal.

Femmerang have collaborated with experts from the Center for Student Valence on ways to not only tackles this new change but to thrive.

Physical distance is difficult! It disrupts routines and can lead to feelings of disconnection and loneliness. Fortunately, while physical distance is necessary, in practice to stay connected and reduce these feelings of loneliness. There are six things you can do to help manage anxiety, improve productivity, and connect with others during the quarantine.

1. Find a balance in your mind by setting a timer

Set a timer for regular movement breaks on your phone or kitchen stove. Gina Templeton advised, "Break down each hour in a way that makes your task list manageable." "Fifty minutes of work gives you a break of ten minutes. Hitting 30 minutes of work gives you five minutes of breath. Whatever feels best to you set a timer to keep you honest? Every time it goes off, put your work aside, and go back. "

2. Stretch regularly

"Staring at the computer for hours, you have to tighten your legs, hips, and upper body," says Templeton. Treat these areas as much as necessary. Google is your friend if you need some ideas! "

These spreads don't have to be indoors, either - sunscreen is a good antidote for quarantine. Even a 10-minute walk around the block can increase productivity, intelligence, and motivation. You can find all ideas tips and all about wellness at the Student Wellness Center Femmerang.

3. The best workplaces encourage productivity and motivation

Treat every school and workday as you would normally offer a place for your "work desk". Training your mind and body to follow a task and study schedule is an important way to help you stay focused and on track.

"It may be easier to try to work out of bed, but doing so restricts mobility and promotes poor posture," says Templeton. "Try to start at the kitchen table in the morning and then migrate to your desk by noon before spending the rest of the day in the backyard. This change in perspective keeps things interesting while you get fresh air and sunshine Available.

4. A side effect of an epidemic: Anxiety and mental health concerns

Lutz and Britney Badger encourage those struggling with mental health, anxiety, and loneliness to "exercise your senses to create space from disturbing thoughts or emotions and connect more closely with your body and the moment. ۔ "

According to Lutz, there are a number of things that need to be acknowledged before jumping into competition strategies.

5. Helpful ways to manage loneliness, fear, and anxiety:

See the University of Utah Counseling Center for free guided meditation. The Student Welfare Center offers virtual services including virtual counseling, one-on-one sessions with a healthcare educator, virtual victim survival advocacy, and recovery times through Zoom. ۔

6. Connect with others

There is no time like the present to connect digitally with the people around you. The University of Utah Counseling Center offers a virtual support group called Coping with Chaos, and the University of Utah students who support student success have access to an abundance of resources as they switch from classroom to online learning, as well as technology. Talking to Professors, better stay, planning and time management, and other challenges to virtual learning.

There are also apps available that make virtual meetings easy and convenient. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, House Party, WhatsApp, and Netflix Watch Party can help you meet friends safely from the comfort of your own home.

7. Prefer time to time

Advancing distractions may seem counterintuitive at a time when many people are focused on the epidemic, but self-care and recreation are vital to your well-being.

"Take care of your physical health by taking a relaxing shower or bath, pampering yourself with a pedicure or face mask, going for a walk on the block, or cooking a fun meal," Lutz advises.

If you want to learn something new, now is the time! Grab the guitar that is collecting dust in the corner, pick up a skill you did as a child, dance to your favorite album in the kitchen, start planting seeds for summer, immerse yourself in the book for which you Sitting at your nightstand. Months, or Benj watches that show Netflix in your watch list. Remember that your peace and passion are as important as your productivity.

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